Hypnic Jerk II

by Mannequin Mishap

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This album was recorded @ HyperSpeed Megaship Recording by Andrew Schmidt.

All songs were written by Mannequin Mishap.

Mannequin Mishap consists of:
Tony- Bass/Vox
Trey - Drums/Vox


released October 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Mannequin Mishap Houston, Texas

Bass/Drum duo from Houston, Tx.

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Track Name: Improper Decorum
Who the hell do you think you are?
Throwing me daggers like if I'm at some bar.
Shotgun Attitude ready to explode.
You are unappreciative of what I have in store.

Drown my feelings in the sand, but one thing you should know I'm not your puppet in command.

Sink all my unsolved emotions. Be careful without them you will never solve unbalanced proportions.

~I guess silence is golden after all~

Hey let me borrow your eyes, and let me shove them down your throat.
Maybe one day you'll find how harsh is your own soul.

Male Proportion, Unforgetful, Connoisseur of disappointment.
I never liked your touch. I never liked your "Ugh"
I never liked how you were "always" fucking "right".
when you open your arms... fuck you bitch.
Track Name: Horseface Fiasco
Girl illustrate and demonstrate the art of desirable comfort. Ignore all your doubt and we'll find our way out of these clothes.

Her spirit has burned out. The ashes are now sitting on top of my tongue. I have plans made for this one. The best part of all, I know that she's planning the same.

Insecurities just had to be everything that you consist of, but we've all been so broken before.

Love, you left me in such disgust...
Love, you left me drowning in lust....
Track Name: Figs Aren't Free
Many pleased besides me.
Out of reach is what you're to me.
You're everyone's treat you hide in their presence. beautiful present you were to my senses it's true,
but do they know you like I do?

I miss you.

I blurted out! You happy now!? Is this the quote you favor!?
Oops my mistake i meant to say I miss your old ambition.

I know were i stand.
behind you won't look.
Read by the book.
And I can't be mad.

You're not scripted.
Detained by the figments of vision.
Track Name: Around In Circles
Well don't worry, I found those same brown eyes. The ones you said i'd never find in someone else.

Maybe my universe just ain't quite. Your galaxy away from me, away from distant light.
I've been in this rotation plenty of times and bit by bit I've found myself, but always seem to lose my mind.

Every next Morning after the night we've shared, my hopes still feel different because you have left them unrepaired.

Now it seems to be what you meant to me.
Wasted august come again.

The stars in space don't seem to far, when you're not here that space turns dark.
Track Name: Corruptive
Right now is not the time to be around me. There's just too much thought in my head. Her hope is wearing thin, just like the sun is. We're so "corruptive".

Expectations lost again, please show me a sign.
But I've told you now and then, this mishap is mine.

I'm still wondering if you remember, excuses are stale. Let's not make amends. I'm still hoping that things will get better. We're so "corruptive".
Track Name: Secret? I Think Not
You're on a path of your own, something I just can't control. She says I'm so cryptic, I'll let you in on my secret. I've had you stuck in my head, I'd like to see you instead. I've stayed stitched for so long, and now the pattern is unsown.

Where did you disappear to Dear?

I'm just a clown in disguise, suspenders and ties. I settled for less, the curtains closed in a mess. Don't you head towards the dark, they just might swallow your heart. There's nowhere to go girl, except in your moonglow.

Where did you disappear to Dear?

"I wish I only spent my days with you. I dreamt you told me that you love me too."

You say there's nothing left for us to do.